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Having offsite staff in your business makes sense.

Ben Hodgson
Benefit 1
You can save more than $30,000 a year.
The costs of offsite staff are very minimal, as compared to the overall upgrade your business will get. This hits the bottom line directly. This is especially important for small business owners, as the money you save goes into the profit of the business.
Benefit 2
Your onsite employees get to practise their specialised skills.
Your staff can afford to take the time to work on their core skills. As your onsite staff work on higher value added activities, your offsite staff provide overall support, thus making the onsite staff more efficient.
Benefit 3
Your business will have higher retention rates for your onsite staff.
By providing a high level of support to your current employees, you create a win-win situation. First, the work being done in your business is more efficient and focused on growth. Second, your employees are more satisfied and confident in their jobs because they are provided assistance on the administrative and support tasks.

5 Reasons to Use Offsite Staff

$30,000 to bottom line
Cost savings are huge when using off site staff.
Grow your business
Frees the time of your current employees to grow your business.
Happy employees
One of the key contributing factors in employee turnover is their dissatisfaction with the employer’s lack of support.
Specialised skills
Need a quality graphic designer, technical writer and internet marketing manager? You can afford these specialised skills with offsite hiring.
Sharing your story
We care about your business, and we care about how your business benefits.
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