About Us
Offsite Staff is a professionally reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner for a variety of businesses all over Australia. We provide high quality remote staff to service each of our clients needs.
70% off the cost of new staff today
Offsite Staff builds professional, offsite teams for Australian businesses and firms. Our team consists of qualified CSR's, creative people and other professionals. We use the latest technology and software to deliver a full range of services. Our simple, low risk approach makes it easy for you to get started.
3 people for the price of 1
Imagine being able to employ three qualified and experienced staff for the price of one – or saving the difference. This is completely realistic and with no compromise on quality.
Your flexibility & freedom
By building you a professional offsite team we can enable you to focus on what is most important. Perhaps this is growth, profitability or more time focusing on delivering amazing services for your clients. Like many of our clients, this might mean spending less time in the office and more time with family & more pursuing the things you love.
Staff 100% dedicated to you
We are not a freelance environment. Our people are full-time and work on-site in a collaborative work space. They solve design challenges together and there is a true “comradery” that promotes loyalty and higher quality work for our clients. We build your team with the specific skills and experience you ask for. Our people share a strong work ethic and a desire to deliver you that little bit extra. 100% of our staff are University educated and have prior experience serving major Australian and global clients.
Simple, low risk & low cost
We make it easy for you to build a highly professional, offsite team. We guide you step-by-step and leave you in the drivers’ seat for all key decisions. Your team is recruited to your specialised needs and we heavily vet them before you make the final call on who starts. There are no recruitment fees, you leverage our infrastructure and we manage all aspects of on-boarding. Your team are 100% dedicated to your business –they work your hours, follow your processes and use your systems. You stay in control while we do the leg work.
Melbourne based & Australian owned
Offsite Staff are a registered 100% Australian owned company based in Melbourne. We serve Australian businesses and firms. Our management teams are in Melbourne and the Philippines. We have established clients across Australia, a number who have been with us for more than 5 years.

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