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When the first person scaled the peak of Mt Everest, it was big news. Sir Edmund Hillary became famous.  His feat was magnificent and he literally and figuratively scaled great heights. We need to remember that he did not do it by himself.  He was the face of the climb but there were many Sherpa helping him all the way to the top. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes and for a long time many people did not even know that they were instrumental in his accent.

The accounting software war between incumbent (MYOB) and the challenger (Xero) continues to heat up. 

Twitter has announced that it is going public.  Twitter will be one of the core social media marketing and advertising platforms for businesses in the next few years.

In what many would call an inevitable outcome, Ford have anounced today that they will be closing their Australian manufacturing operations by October 2016.

Of the twenty largest economies in the world, Australia has the third highest cost of doing business according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates. For goods and services costing US$100 to produce, Australia is 60% more expensive with the same goods and services costing US$161 to produce.

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