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One of biggest benefits of off-site staffing is that it gives you more time to focus on your priorities. Effective delegation and management provides a better life for all : you, your on-site employees and your off-site employees.

As businesses grow, you cannot do it all yourself.  As you become more successful as an employee, you also need to consciously focus on your priorities.  Here a few things that I do to help our business grow, while still providing work-life balance for all. Here are some tips we use in our business that we also share with our clients.

Delete - This is the first step.  Is the piece of work really necessary?  Does it have to be done?  What are the consequences if it is not done?  Asking these questions and really thinking about them helps with the prioritisation of your work.  Do not do it unless it adds value.  Sometimes, the task might not add value to you individually, but it does to the collective.

If it has to be done then...

Delegate - From experience, it is easier to do something yourself than explain it, however it is a fools paradise. If you continue to do it all yourself, you are stuck in doing tasks that are not where you will add the most value.  One of the advantage of off-site staffing is that it is very affordable.  It allows you have assistance that is easily justified.  Therefore, you need to think as delegation as the first option.  In some cases, but not many, you will not be able to delegate.  Provide clear instructions, set expectations, coach and monitor.

Always review and coach on quality - This is where you will get your return on the time you spent. Clear feedback and coaching helps improve the quality of future tasks. This is true whether it is with on-site or off-site staff.  Think about how much time you spend proving feedback to your onsite staff, it should be no different for your off-site staff.  Be straight forward with your feedback. Do not personalise, but make it clear what should be done differently in the future. 

Add your personal touch - When a task is complete, then look for opportunities to add your personal touch.  For example, if your off-site staff member has a written up a quote, put a personal message in there from you if you already know the client.

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