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Twitter has announced that it is going public.  Twitter will be one of the core social media marketing and advertising platforms for businesses in the next few years.

When dot com companies go public the pressure to  build revenues is extreme.  This means that we should expect to see more advertising on Twitter. 

The most obvious will be the roll out of sponsored posts.  If they use some of their strong data mining skills and apply it to the advertising space, then it is very likely to be a success.

However, the challenge will be their strategy in this space.  Do they only stick the major advertising agencies, or will they make it available to small and medium businesses.

They are likely to offer both a pay per click option and pay per view.  Pricing of these options will probably be based on an auction system where there is a limit to the supply and bidders will decide the price to pay.

We look forward to the new world of a public Twitter.

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