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When the first person scaled the peak of Mt Everest, it was big news. Sir Edmund Hillary became famous.  His feat was magnificent and he literally and figuratively scaled great heights. We need to remember that he did not do it by himself.  He was the face of the climb but there were many Sherpa helping him all the way to the top. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes and for a long time many people did not even know that they were instrumental in his accent.

Climbing mountains is a bit like building a business.  Most successful business owes their success to a team.  Guides can help.  Experienced professionals, as well as something as simple as an extra pairs of hands to help you when you have too much to do yourself, makes the difference.  However, the price of this assistance can put it out of reach for many small and medium businesses.  So what do you do.


Technolgy advances means that you now have the opportunity to get that extra help and expertise at a fraction of the local cost.  There are degree qualified professionals, many of whom already have internation experience, ready to work in areas such as:

Marketing, graphic design, social-media and sales support, IT functions such as website design, application and software development, Administrative support such as PA’s and EA’s, data entry & research and much more.


We are an Australian company based in Melbourne that can provide supervised, office-based finance/accounting staff offsite in our Manila office at a fraction of the cost of the onsite option. Starting at only $420+GST per week for a degree qualified finance or accounting professional, it save you $35K+ (plus super, real estate, payroll tax etc) or more a year. It is worth considering using offsite staff to fill your maternity leave requirements.

Highlights of our service include: 

  • Australian company
  • Single invoice to an Australian company in Australian dollars
  • Staff specifically recruited to your requirements
  • Our Manila based recruiting and HR manager will supervise the whole process including the screening interviews, conducting the reference and police checks
  • Office based staff
  • Redundant internet connectivity - with a fibre optic connection (super fast internet)
  • Local Australian phone number
  • Working your hours
  • Training on how to work with remote staff
  • Supervision of your staff

There are other people in the office in Manila including an office manager. We also have visual and computer surveillance available. 

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